I believe humans can come into a truly life-sustaining relationship with the rest of the Earth community.

Rob AbbottFueled by this core belief, I have devoted most of my life to studying human-environment interactions; consulting to businesses and organizations working to reduce the impacts of industrial society on the environment; and proposing alternative structures and processes to create wealth and well being with a lighter ecological footprint.

More recently, my focus has further evolved to an emphasis on shifting human consciousness with respect to our place in the human and more than human worlds. I have worked in academia, government, the non-profit and private sectors, nationally and internationally. Moving forward, there are three key pillars to my work:


Sustaining or enhancing quality of life within the limits of nature. I work with individuals and firms, and help them craft a point-of-view that is uniquely their own, and I also work on helping to shape the trajectory that human society is following through time. > Learn More


Helping to shape the human soul toward its fulfillment in its unity with the universe. I provide leadership coaching to bring leaders and their teams into a truly life sustaining relationship with the rest of the Earth community. > Learn More


Creating financial, social, cultural and spiritual wealth and wellbeing without eroding the aesthetic and productive capacity of natural capital for humans and the more than human world. I create wealth with less impact. > Learn More


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