I am a passionate writer and reader of nature-based or eco-poetry. My poems are the result of me being tuned by different landscapes, and brought into a deeper engagement with Eros and Psyche through the images and experiences that come to me when I am on the land. My poems are also my inventive and original rethinking and re-expression of where and how and with whom I stand, how I take up issues, and how I speak. Samples of my poems are included here.

My Wild Lover

My lover
My wild lover
Bathed by rains
From churning cloud
Beckons me
To cross the threshold
That beautiful thread
Cast by the ancestors
Illuminated by engagement
By faith
I have been here before
An earnest apprentice
Chasing her golden skirts
Down the hallways of this hill
Now, having offered my story
To mystery
Now, having invited bear to consume
Those parts of me
No longer needed on my journey
My lover’s moist skin
Holds me, kisses me
And in exchange
I offer my presence, my breath
My praise, my body
Our love
Wild mystery in motion
Her scent, and mine
Entwine, change and charge
The atmosphere
Her thousand tongues sing to me
Notes only I can hear
And I call out in return
Releasing fully to intent
A vector of generative love
My voice rises from soul
And the atmosphere is changed
And charged again
My lover’s flesh invites me
And I step into my wild
I step into my life
Expanded and unconstrained
My kinship to Earth,
My wild lover
Made whole

Greeting the Others

Today I walked deep into the canyon
Deep into the red flesh and patient Heart
Of the world
To be more present, more alert
To the Others
To have the deepest conversation
I might have with the wild
Everything around me alive
And my body in conversation
With this terrain of the soul
Eddies of wind kiss and caress my skin
Rounding a corner
My hands linger on the rock
As they do on my lover
My skin in conversation, in ceremony
Charged with erotic potential
What does my allurement to the wild
Say about the shape or longing of my psyche?
What is my mystery, my embrace of spirit?
Canyon wrens sing this world into Being
I walk in blessing, in praise
My body, my voice, my desires open
Where does this red temple begin?
Where does it end
My pilgrimage takes me to a dry Waterfall
The altar of curved rock marking the Space between spirit and form
The imaginal realm
A place of mystery and wonder
I chime my simple bell
To honor the ground that holds us – for I am not alone
And in that moment
My body begins to tremble
Reverberations in the earth travel into and through my flesh, my blood
I am changed, renewed
This rock is God
The pinyon and juniper
The sage and ocotillo, the prickly pear
All are God
All are sacred
All are witnesses to my becoming
My mouth opens and words spill out
Like the rains that fell last night
I speak not from my conscious mind, but from somewhere else
My voice rises as if from the ground
The stones
I express gratitude, respect
I surrender my heart
My wild, strong, open heart
I say yes to living out a new story
My offering to the dance of all life
The fear that blocked the river
Of my one true voice
Has been dislodged
I feel and see myself connected
To something bigger than myself
To the dreams and longings
Of the land
My faith confirmed
My body shakes
There is no turning back now

Sleeping Under the Stars

My body is out of touch with the Earth
And so I feel the hardness, the rough edges
The ground, warm during the day
Cools quickly in the night
I burrow a little deeper
Into my Sleeping bag
And stare up
To the floating white fire of stars
The waves roar, the wind keens
And the gulls, invisible in the night sky
Trail their layered songs into the air
These songs call me
To explore dream images
Symbols that speak to my ego:

A desert plain cut by a blue river
A winding path through memories of mountains
Scents of juniper and pine
A great stirring, a silent roar of anguish
Rain sheeting off my animal skin, coming to rest in Rumi’s garden of mystic lovers

The darkness
A uniquely mystical opening for me
I hear my soul calling me home
What do I fear losing if I say yes to Soul?
What of my ego holds me back from a soulful life?
I know I must change
I know I must throw away my hopes and expectations
What might arise from the ashes
Of my ego’s defeat will be beautiful
I take these intense feelings and emotions into my body
I surrender to the mystery
I wake to the sun
Blood thread along the horizon
Offer my breath in prayer
And the sun burns all the brighter