I passionately believe that modern mainstream Western culture needs to shift from its current destructive path to a new path that is life sustaining and ultimately life-enhancing (to humans and the more than human world). I further believe that this can happen most powerfully through the choices of adults who have experienced soul initiation – a descent into the layers of self much deeper than personality.

I use a range of modalities to to enable the soulful growth of others including: dreamwork, wilderness vision fasts, talking across the species boundaries, self-designed ceremony, nature-based poetry, shadow work, romancing the land, and storytelling. Individually and collectively, these soulcraft™ practices facilitate healing and wholing, the exploration of one’s psycho-spiritual self, and the identification of soul gifts that are unique to each individual. These practices are also necessary for human development/transformation.

I have also completed three years of shamanic study in the Andean tradition, which included soul-oriented and nature-based study in the mountains of Peru. Over the past 18 months I have come into a deeper knowing of how my shamanic experiences, particularly my visionary work and the tracking of images and symbols in my dreams, aligns with and supports my deeper personal engagement with soul, and how I can use this knowledge and experience to support others in soul-oriented and underworld work.

Soulcraft™ is a registered trademark of Bill Plotkin (Animas Valley Institute).